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Security & Tracking Devices

Why choose Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd?

Due to the nature of world we live in more individuals/companies find the need to install additional security devices, due to the increase of car crime over the years. The more common devices are:-

  • Clifford alarm systems – depending on model this has a noise to alert an intruder it has reached an unauthorised location near the vehicle to deter them from breaking into the vehicle. This also requires a combination code upon starting the vehicle to ensure you are not a thief. This is an upgrade from the normal Thatcham Category 1 alarm system. 
  • Tracking devices – depending on model it can give a signal/co-ordinates to the police to locate your vehicle if it is stolen. It also has other services which would be useful to transport managers. 
  • Thatcham Category 1 Alarm systems – this has an engine immobiliser, internal sensors, door/bonnet/boot catches and a separate powered siren. 
  • Alarm Text Alert systems – depending on the model it is like some house alarm systems, in the event of an intruder it sends a text message to your mobile to let you know so you can act on it and call the authorities.

Tracking devices dependent on model can offer some of the following features to company owners/fleet managers:-

  • Can offer location information of employees – at any given time you know where/when/how long they were at a location. 
  • Mileage information – so you can organise when your vehicle has to be booked in for its service. 
  • What the vehicle has been doing – if your member of staff was speeding, etc.

This is proving a more popular method to companies so they can ensure their employees are doing what they should be doing.

Key Points to Remember:-

  • 1. Eliminates the risk of theft and acts as a deterrent to the local thieves. 
  • 2. Tracking devices can help with all your transportation needs and help with fleet management. 
  • 3. Tracking devices can increase the return of your vehicle before it becomes untraceable. 
  • 4. You should receive a discount on your vehicle insurance premium if any of the above methods of vehicle security and tracking devices and installed on your vehicle. 
  • 5. Worry free motoring.
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