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Let your "Butler" do the work for you


Why choose Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd?

This can be added to the majority of financial agreements (contract hire/personal contract purchase/etc.) where the customer has worry free motoring over the term of the financial agreement. You pay a fixed monthly premium and this would cover any wear and tear items except due to neglect or damage. 

The only exception to the rule is glass (usually cover by your car insurance) or punctures to tyres. This does include all servicing and anything not covered under the manufacturers warranty in the case of wear and tear. 

It does NOT cover damage to exterior bodywork or the interior due to an accident or wilful damage. This will be chargeable to the hirer of the financial agreement upon inspection/collection at the end of the financial agreement.

Key Points to Remember:-

  1. Budgeted hassle free motoring as the servicing cost are paid monthly. 
  2. No hidden disposal cost due to non service history. 
  3. Satisfaction and reassurance that your contract vehicle has been maintained by your local specialised franchised dealership to manufactured guidelines. 
  4. Over inflated monthly costs compared with a possible one a year service cost. 
  5. The costs for your average service, fluctuates concerning the cost for labour compared throughout the countries franchised dealer network.
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