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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd?

Who Supplies the vehicles?

All our vehicles are supplied by a Manufacturer appointed dealership throughout the UK.

Who owns the vehicles?

This is depending on what type of finance agreement you have. Contract Hire/Personal Contract Hire the owner would be the finance company. Other types of agreement, you could be the owner. Please call regarding the type of finance agreement required and we can let you know if you are the owner of not.

Can I part Exchange my current vehicle?

Although we do not have a facility to purchase your vehicle, we can refer this to several companies who will offer a trade price. This is due to the fully discounted price given on the new vehicle. However this is subject to vehicle, condition, etc.

Are the vehicles supplied new or used?

We mainly advertise new vehicles but sometimes we may offer a used or pre registered vehicles but it will always be stated on the advert. When we put the vehicle details in writing either by email, fax or post it will clearly be marked if the vehicle is new or not. Pre registered vehicles usually will be new however they will already be registered but only have delivery mileage on them. Used vehicles will clearly stated mileage and age of the vehicle.

Do the vehicles have any warranty?

All our new vehicles have the full Manufacturers UK warranty included. However you can purchase an additional warranty if you exceed the stated mileage or increase the term stated.

Do the vehicles have breakdown cover?

All our new vehicles have the full Manufacturers breakdown cover included; this varies from 12 months to 3 years depending on the Manufacturer. However if you have a fully maintained agreement you may be able to have the additional breakdown cover included for the duration of the contract agreement but this is depended on the leasing company concerned.

Is maintenance included?

This is only available on a Contract Hire/Personal Contract Hire agreement at an additional cost “see the maintenance page”.

Is Road Fund Licence included?

You get 12 months on all vehicles unless stated, however on Contract Hire/Personal Contract Hire agreements you get the remaining road fund licence until the end of the contract agreement.

Is insurance included?

This is entirely your responsibility and you may be asked to provide a copy of the insurance certificate/cover note. You may be required to have fully comprehensive insurance on some types of finance agreements. You must notify your insurance company if your name is on the V5/log book or NOT as this may affect the cost of your insurance.

How long is the lease/contract for?

This can vary from 12 months to 5 years, subject to the type of agreement required. The majority of Contract Hire/Personal Contract Hire agreements are usually taken over 2 or 3 years. Contract Purchase/Personal Contract Purchase are usually taken over 3, 4 or 5 years. If taken over 3 years you will be required to get the vehicle MOT’d unless you go for the maintenance option. Also you need to consider the length of the Manufacturers warranty period.

What does 3 + 23 profile & initial rental mean?

This means your agreement would be over 2 years, 3 is your initial/deposit payment (i.e. 3 x your monthly rental) followed by 23 further payments. At the end of the 24 months it is the end of the agreement and depending on the type of agreement you have several options available (please see question below). The initial payment can vary, however this is like a non refundable deposit (i.e. when buying a TV you usually are asked to put down 10% deposit) but enables the monthly rental to be reduced. Although we usually use the profiles of 3+, we can offer anything from 6+, 9+, 12+ or even a fixed amount initial rental. The initial rental is usually payable to the finance company direct either by cheque or direct debit. This is usually just before the required delivery date. The higher the initial rental the lower the monthly payment.

We do not take any holding deposits to order your vehicle unless stated Why do you need my annual mileage?

This is so we can provide you with your required quotations, as the mileage will affect the monthly cost on most agreements. Alot of factors are taken into consideration when working out the cost price. At the end of the contract these are (i.e. what the vehicle will be worth, what the condition of the vehicle is, what has the vehicle been used for). Although we ask a guide mileage the actual end mileage is the important mileage as if you have gone over this you may be subject to a charge from the finance company.

Do you have any document or other fees?

We do not charge any document or administration fees, however some finance companies do charge the customer direct and this is usually taken either with the initial rental or the first monthly rental. If fees are applicable then these are stated on all adverts, website and finance details supplied. This is usually on either Mercedes Benz for Smart vehicles. If not sure the please feel free to ask.


All finance agreements which are subject to Vat will be charged at the prevailing rate, this is charged at the time the invoice is raised which is usually monthly (i.e. if the Vat goes down then your monthly rental will reduce or if the Vat goes up the your monthly rental will increase). Even Personal Contract Hire agreements will be subject to changes in Vat If you are a Vat registered company you will have some advantages as you can claim back upto 50% of the Vat on a car or 100% of the Vat on a van and 100% of the Vat if you take out the maintenance option. This is only available on a Contract Hire/Finance Lease/Lease Hire agreement where you pay the Vat monthly.

I am opting out of a company car can you help?

Yes we can help, we can structure your package to suit your requirements, with a specialist agreements of this type or purely personal agreements. If you do prefer we can simply sell you a vehicle.

How do we get the vehicle (i.e. delivery) and how long will it take?

All our new vehicles will be delivered to any UK mainland address free of charge. However should you wish you can collect the vehicle for the “full handover experience” this is subject to acceptance by the supplying UK dealership. If we have a vehicle in stock then we usually state delivery would be within 7/14 days subject to all finance paperwork being signed and returned (subject to any cooling off periods if personal). If the required vehicle would be subject to a factory order this can take usually 10/14 weeks depending on the Manufacturer, please call for more details regarding the vehicle required so we give you a more accurate time.

What is the order process?

This is a simple and easy process, I have listed below the relevant steps:- Step 1:- Help you find the right car for you at the right price Step 2:- Complete a proposal form to get a finance underwriting decision Step 3:- If approved sign a order form Step 4:- We will order you car Step 5:- Sign finance documentation & DD mandate also including the initial payment (either cheque/DD mandate), copy/original driving licence, proof of address dated within the last 3 months Step 6:- Vehicle arrives in stock with the UK supplying dealer Step 7:- Arrange delivery Step 8:- You have received your new vehicle Step 9:- HAPPY MOTORING & ENJOY YOUR NEW VEHICLE Can I change the contracted mileage/what if I go over my contract mileage? Some finance companies allow you to change your mileage part way through your agreement. However they will base the revised monthly rental on the new revised residual value at the end of the agreement. Sometimes this can make it more expensive that simply paying the excess mileage charges at the end of the agreement. We can help and work out the cheapest option for you. Excess mileage is usually charged at a fixed rate (pence per mile + Vat), however you could be on a tiered excess mileage agreement. This will be invoiced at the end of the contract agreement once your final mileage is determined on the vehicle return date. For example 1:- 11,000 miles @ 5p would be 11,000 x 5.0p = £550.00 + Vat For example 2:- 9,999 miles @ 5p then 1,001 miles @ 7p would be (9,999 x 5.0p = £499.95) + (1,001 x 7.0p = £70.07) = £570.02 + Vat

Can I end the agreement early?

Depending on the type of agreement taken out there are options to end it early. Contract Hire/Personal Contract Hire you would be required to pay a settlement figure (i.e. a % of the remaining rentals but it can be all depending on the finance company) and return the vehicle early. Contract Purchase/Personal Contract Purchase you would be required to pay the settlement figure and either keep the vehicle or sell the vehicle. See the finance options tab on the home page for a full explanation of each finance agreement. Please call us as we may be able to offer alternative advice to suit your requirements.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

You have several options depending on the type of agreement taken out. You may be able to extend the agreement depending on the finance company concerned. Contract Hire/Personal Contract Hire you would simply hand the vehicle back. Contract Purchase/Personal Contract Purchase you have 3 options 1. Simply hand the vehicle back 2. Pay the final payment and keep the vehicle 3. Sell/Part exchange the vehicle and pay the final payment. Lease Purchase/Hire Purchase the vehicle is yours to keep if no balloon option is taken. See the finance options tab on the home page for a full explanation of each finance agreement. Please call us as we may be able to offer alternative advice to suit your requirements.

Can I extend my agreement?

This depends on the finance company and the type of agreement taken; it is purely the discretion of the finance company if they allow the vehicle to be extended. Some finance companies allow an informal extension (this helps if your new car is delayed and they just keep taking the monthly payment until the vehicle is returned) or a formal extension (a fixed price and length is agreed). Please bear in mind if the vehicle goes over 3 years old you will need to get the vehicle MOT’d.

Who will collect my car if I return it?

If you have the option to hand the vehicle back then the finance company will collect the vehicle. We can organise this to be done on the same day you take delivery of your new vehicle.

Any questions not listed above?

Please call for more information or assistance on 01782 536007 and we would be more than happy to answer anything you may required. Please call 01782 536007 for more assistance and Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd can answer or explain any queries you may have!

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