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Cherished Number Plates

Why choose Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd?

This is proving to be very popular within the last few years. A cherished number plate has also become more reasonable price to purchase with literally thousands of numbers to choose from. People like to have a cherished number plate on their vehicle for the following reasons:-

  1. To make the vehicle more specific to themselves like: Initials, spells their name, company initials, company name, etc. 
  2. To make the vehicle more specific to the make and model like: describes the vehicle (hot hatch), describes the model (Loeb), etc. 
  3. To hide the vehicle year identity: like nobody knows what year the vehicle was registered, etc.

There are many companies on the internet that sell cherished number plates at an over inflated price. Let us track down and negotiate a fare price for you that is in keeping with your requirements. 

We can deal with the implementation/paperwork involved to put this cherished number plate on your next vehicle. If you already have a cherished number plate we can still deal with the implementation/paperwork involved to put your Cherished number plate on your next vehicle. 

We Do Not Charge For Our Administration Time For This Service!!!!! However some finance companies do charge and this will be payable by yourself. Don't forget DVLA do have transfer fees/nominee alteration fees again payable by yourself.

Key Points to Remember:-

1. The DVLA do have transfer fees to swap the cherished number plate from vehicle to vehicle, or just to implement a new cherished number plate. 

2. All cherished number plates have to have the nominee in the finance companies name under some finance agreements, and removal has to be completed within at least 2 months prior to the agreement ending. You will however have to notify any finance company if you wish to have a cherished number plate on your vehicle and they may charge there own administration fee for this service. 

3. Remember if for any reason you need to change any details on the "certificate of entitlement" (your Cherished number plate certificate of ownership) all paperwork has to be sent back to DVLA for the amendments and they charge for this service and this can take several weeks. 

4. Delivery dates on vehicles do take longer unless we have all the paperwork implemented prior to vehicle arriving at the supplying dealership. They will however have to register the vehicle at their local taxation office.

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